Information about my websites

This is the page where, over time, I will post further information about this website, my Photoblog and my Flickr and Twitter accounts. 

For general news and information not related to this website, but about photography in general please click on the News page.

Regarding LensScapes:

About my other sites:

Twitter - I will always tweet when there are changes to any of my photographic pages and provide you with a link. You don't need a Twitter account to view posts or follow links posted by a Twitter user.

Flickr - currently images on Flickr overlap with the content on LensScapes. I'm addressing this but it takes time. Eventually Flickr will be more documentary in content.

Photoblog - the latest and last addition to my set of accounts.  Directly accessible from this site via the 'Blog' item on the menu. The Blog provides an opportunity for me to ‘post’ images and put them into context: writing about them in a variety of ways – sometimes singly, sometimes linking images together, or occasionally writing quite lengthy illustrated articles. It combines my love of photography with my interest in creative writing. Do take a look at this.



NEWS - Gallery amendments

There have been some changes to the content of the Abstractions Gallery (within the Derivatives folder). I have also added a Slide Show of some of my Circular Abstractions. These are purely for fun. They stretch the boundaries of photography thanks to the power of Photoshop.  In all cases they use all the same pixels as in the original although these are not necessarily in the same place as they once were! Click here to see this new content.

Changes to the Seasons/Autumn Gallery

A number of additional images (taken within the last month) have been added to the Autumn gallery, and a few older images removed.  Some of the recently added images have featured in a recent post on my blog - Microscapes of Autumn.

New Gallery added - Saastal

A gallery marked as 'Coming Soon' has now been completed.  The Saastal gallery (Walking in the Alps/Saastal) now has two full pages of 48 images showing the attractions of this valley - the next one eastwards from the Zermatt valley. Saastal has plenty of walks amidst wonderful Alpine scenery.  It may be heretical to say so, but the variety is greater than in Zermatt, I sometimes think.

Using Slide Shows to view gallery images

Within any gallery, clicking on an image will show an enlarged version of it with navigation buttons at the foot of the image. If you use the Slide Show button to view  images, then please note that the Slide Show will only run through the images for the current page.  For galleries that have two pages, you will need to run the Slide Show option on each page, preferably starting with the first image on the page so that you incorporate all the images on that page in the Slide Show.

Website goes Live

This website went Live on 18 August 2011. Developing it and setting up the galleries has taken longer than I had anticipated with an initial steep learning curve, but I am pleased with the results and I hope you will enjoy visiting the site. Do use the Contact page to let me have your comments.

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This website has been built using the Content Management System (CMS) developed and provided by Click IT Internet.  This company provides a fully hosted and self-managed solution that removes the necessity to know anything about html or any other form of coding for web development. 

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Websites can be simple or complex, easy or versatile. Click IT Internet provide websites for photographers and also to small businesses, including e-commerce solutions.

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