Photographic News

If you are interested in photography then the likelihood is that you will

  1. want to learn how to take better pictures
  2. would like to know more about how to use software to improve the images you take, and
  3. are interested in events, exhibitions, webpages, articles, books etc that will provide you with inspiration and help with the first two points.

I can't provide the solutions to points 1 & 2, but what I will try to do on this page is post information about photographic events or exhibitions, or point you to websites and other sources that may be instructive or inspirational.

The Light Stalking Internet Page

If you haven't yet discovered Light Stalking you are missing an incredibly valuable resource on the Internet. Tutorials on a wide range of photographic topics, software and techniques. A weekly round-up of the best articles and photography from the world of PhotoBlogs, a newsletter, plus forums and much more. Click on the link above to start exploring this website.


There are a  number of articles on the Internet about using your iPhone to capture images. An article by Justin Balog is reckoned by many to be among the best for its in-depth coverage of the Apps and possibilities. If you are keen to explore your iPhone's potential then click here to visit Justin's article. It comes highly recommended.

V&A - NEW Photographs Gallery

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London opened a new Photographs Gallery on 24 Oct 2011.  Entry is Free. 

It will house photographs from the V&A's permanent collection from the 1850s to the 1960s. 

The gallery will have an inaugural display of works by key figures of photographic history including Victorian portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron and significant works by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Afred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus and Irving Penn.

Permajet - Workshops

Permajet are well known for their wide range of papers and as a seller of consumables.  They also provide generic profies, and will provide bespoke profiles free for their papers.  They offer their own continuous inkflow system.

But more than that they also run workshops on Photoshop and Digital Printing.  See their website for further information. Click here

SILVERPRINT - 'traditional' photographic miscellany

Are you seeking a supplier of materials for 'wet chemistry' processing of films and papers?  Silverprint is a treasure trove of materials for anyone wanting to revert back to, or experiment with, the old 'traditional' ways of producing prints. 

Silverprint supplies film, papers, chemicals, toners, lith developers, and processing equipment. It even supplies the materials needed for Bromoil and Gum Bichromate prints (anyone remember them?)

Go to

An excellent website for Nature Photographers

Bob Brind-Surch is a superb Wildlife photographer, and passionate about his photography. He also happens to be Chairman of my Camera Club so I know him well. His website is much more than just a gallery of images.  It is educational and informative, providing tips and techniques for improving all aspects of wildlife photography from Macro images of damsel flies to Telephoto shots of big cats in Tanzania.  He also runs workshops, talks and tours.  If your passion is Wildlife photography then you will learn a lot from a few minutes spent visiting his site.

His site is also engineered by the same company I have used - so you will see how complex and versatile a website is possible - it helps of course that Bob also has a knowledge of programming.

Click here to visit Bob's site.

Reviews you can trust

The camera you buy today will be bettered by a newer model tomorrow - such is the pace of development and change in the world of digital photography. It can be very difficult to decide what to buy and when to buy it. Not all reviews are independent. DP Review is a truly independent and authoritative reviewer of camera equipment. The site also publishes a newsletter that you can receive as an email that will keep you posted on new equipment and reviews. Click here to access the site.

Colour Management

If you are serious about Photography and want to print your images then you may have been disappointed by the mismatch between what you see on your computer screen and what your printer produces.  The problem is resolved by understanding Colour Management - that involves calibrating your monitor and profiling your printer. Sounds complicated? It need not be, and it's worth getting to grips with it.

Colour Confidence is a commercial website that has an excellent Learning Centre and full information on Monitor Calibration and Printer Profiling. Click here to access the website and then click on any of the three above mentioned areas for further information.