High n' Wild

Many of my images result from my love of walking, climbing and skiing. In these galleries you will find a collection of images from the High and Wild regions of the world that I have been fortunate to visit.


Alpine Mountaineering

I climbed my first 4000er when I was fifteen and I’ve been climbing in the Alps intermittently ever since.  Sometimes with members of my family, or with a guide, or climbing solo.  I climb for pleasure, for the experience and sense of achievement, and for the stunning scenery.  There is something very special about climbing through the night and watching a new day dawn on a fine summer’s day.  These images will, I hope, convey something of that experience.




The Japanese Photographer Takehide Kazami wrote: “You don’t have to climb a mountain in Nepal to experience the beauty of the country. There is something indescribably delightful in just wandering around the countryside, with a small party, the great mountains towering above you”. I’ve been fortunate to trek into the Khumbu twice and Takehide’s comments are spot on.


Kilimanjaro (5895M) is said to be the world’s highest free-standing mountain rising about 14,000ft above the surrounding grasslands. It’s also one of the 7 Continental Summits. It’s a non-technical peak but ­at over 19,000ft high the risk of acute high altitude sickness is very real. Time taken to acclimatise is vital to a safe and enjoyable climb. To assist acclimatisation, my expedition with Jagged Globe first climbed Meru (4556M). Both mountains are dormant volcanoes.



The ability to ski allows me to move across and down mountains at a speed unachievable on foot or bike.  Skiing also takes me to places I would not normally reach, and under winter conditions well known views are transformed by a mantle of snow. In this gallery are images from Whistler, Zermatt, Chamonix (including the Vallee Blanche), Saas Fee, Portes du Soleil, and The Three Valleys.