NEW: While you are on this gallery page, as an alternative to the two static galleries shown below in this portfolio, take a look at a set of Circular Abstractions arranged in a Slide Show 


Few images are perfect at the point of capture; all require some minor adjustment even if it is only sharpening. But there are some images that I believe can benefit from more radical post-processing or ‘Photoshopping’. And sometimes the RAW image can be the starting point for derivative or even abstract manipulation.  Our predecessors were brilliant darkroom wizards. I recall particularly the multi-coloured lith images of the 1970s. Photoshop, in my opinion, is merely a more advanced tool that I’m sure previous generations would have embraced given the chance. Not every image benefits from more than a ‘tweak’, the skill is in identifying or discovering the ones that reward the unexpected leap into the unknown.



Creative filters within Photoshop allow subtle or significant adjustments to be made to an image. Posterisation, solarisation, line effects or the ability to imitate watercolour or other artistic media are possible. It’s a playground for a photographic artist. In this gallery are some examples of simple derivative manipulation.


Images in this gallery are far removed from our common understanding of photography. They are the product of Photoshop’s power to manipulate and distort, and my fascination with warping an image for the sheer fun of it. For me, they work best when the end result provokes a title without too much thought.  You may love them or hate them. They are just another art form - made possible by computerisation and not to be taken too seriously.