My Photography

I have always considered myself to be a Pictorial Photographer. Our world is an extraordinarily diverse and beautiful planet and my love of walking, trekking, mountaineering and skiing frequently takes me into high and wild physical environments that can be an inspiration to anyone interested in photography. Hardly surprising then that Landscape photography – especially wide canvasses - has occupied a lot of my time and accounts for much of my output. See the High n' Wild and Walking in the Alps galleries

Recently, I have also developed an interest in the complete opposite of 'broad' canvases-: focussing in on the ‘close-at-hand’ detail in the landscape. Sometimes I think we are so attracted by the ‘long view’ or the ‘wide view’ that we forget our immediate surroundings – what’s above our heads and at our feet. And it is these small details that deserve and reward attention. The images I create are not record nor are they documentary. What I search for are images that have a pictorial quality. I’ve coined the term MicroScapes to describe them – because these images are, in effect, putting the Scape (meaning the pictorial view) under the Microscope. See the LensScapes page for more on this topic.  I don’t claim any originality for the type of image that I capture – but I hope I am encouraging a different perspective on them as being an integral element of the landscape.

Apart from ‘Scapes' I’m a firm believer that any photographer worth his salt should rarely be detached from a camera. As a result of that belief, the scope of my photography expands in unexpected ways to cover a range of other subjects.

As well as producing ‘straight’ images with only minor processing, I consider the RAW original is justifiably the starting point for derivative manipulation in Photoshop. Only a small percentage of my images merit this approach.  Sometimes it yields work that may be more akin to Graphic Art or Illustration. Taken to extremes the results are entirely abstract.  Not every one will like this approach nor consider the results photographic, but if we believe Photography is Art then the boundaries, as with all art forms, will continue to be stretched and will cause debate. You will find examples of these strands of my work within the Contemporary and Derivatives Galleries.

All my images are influenced by, and are the result of, my emotional involvement at the taking stage.  The images that I find the most satisfying are those with which I retain a significant attachment long after the event. That is a purely subjective feeling that may not always be shared or understood by the viewer. But if you do grasp what that was, then you have shared, at second hand, that original inspiration.

As well as this site I have a page on Flickr: and a WordPress Photoblog. The Photoblog gives me the opportunity to write about some of my images in greater detail - some of them will be from the galleries on this site, and some will be new work that over time will get added here. Click the Menu item 'Blog' to open the Photoblog in a new window, or click here.

All images used on the Photoblog wil be posted to Flickr on a regular basis