A Brief Biography

My interest in Photography dates back well over 45 years when I learnt to develop my own B&W films and produce prints at University. There was always something magical about watching an image materialise before my eyes in a developing tray. When I moved down to London to continue my studies I made use of the darkroom facilities above the Photographers Gallery (at that time based in Gt Newport St).

In the early 1970s we moved to Northamptonshire. The bathroom of our first house became a makeshift darkroom. In the second house it was the en-suite shower, and in the third I had a more permanent home in the large under-stairs cupboard - progress!

I joined a local Camera Club and an interest became a passion. I learnt a lot, and received genuine encouragement, from fellow club members – I owe them a great deal. My print-making abilities improved and gradually my B&W prints became accepted in Exhibitions' For several years I acted as a speaker and judge for clubs and exhibitions across the East Midlands via the MCPF.

I also joined the Royal Photographic Society and worked towards the RPS distinctions; achieving an Associateship, and then subsequently in 1981 - much to my surprise - I was awarded the Fellowship for panels of B&W prints.


A demanding career limited my active involvement in photography for much of the latter years of the 20th century, confining it to holiday periods and to transparencies rather than prints. But since I retired in 2008, spare time is a wonderful new commodity. I rejoined a local camera club, made the switch from film to digital, and my passion was re-kindled. No more time spent in the half-light of a smelly darkroom, but time in front of a Mac using Photoshop and outputting images to an A4 or A3 printer. It’s been a steep learning curve in all departments that continues to this day. And I can honestly say that I have learnt more and developed faster as a photographer in the last eight or so years than at any time before. Creativity and the Ability to See can only be cultivated by regular use of a camera and exposure to the creative ideas of other artists - and those concepts are made so much easier when time is readily available.

I now live in West Sussex.

By photographing our world in all its diversity and capturing its intrinsic beauty, hopefully I and others like me will not only inspire us all to treasure what we have, but more importantly emphasise what we stand to lose if we do nothing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fail to protect our planet from climate change.


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